Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Please Send Adam an Email to Buy his BOOK!!

My friend Adam has asked that I post this to everyone out there: please send him an email at or and he will let you know where to buy a book. Nu Skin has done a splendid job at taking this book off of every website and service that Adam has attempted to sell it. Is NuSkin the new Nazi Germany?

Nu Skin has attempted a coverup of a book that tells the truth about one of its infamous founders. Is it AT ALL constitutional to extinguish a person's first amendment rights to the point where they can't even tell their story?

What if their story is so shocking that if it is revealed, it would threaten the foundation of the company?

Why would Nu Skin spend so much time and money having their attorneys disable every website, link, press release, blog, Facebook page, and websites where the book was for sale?

If the book WASN'T TRUE, Nu Skin would not waste their time.

Is it really possible to completely erase the footprint that a brave and courageous man has made out in cyberspace by telling the sad story about what was done to his son?

Ask Nu Skin - apparently, it IS possible to completely erase all signs that this book ever existed and was ever for sale. All you need is money. Don't want the truth out there? Pay some crooked attorney - thugs at Cohne, Rappaport and Segal in Salt Lake City to take care of it.

Please visit Adam's website (if it's still up!) and give him your support!

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