Monday, November 7, 2011

Book Burning in America & More Stories Not in the Book

This is the Adam Baker story. The story not told in his book. This is the Adam Baker story told by one of his very close friends, who has been there with him through it all.
You see, I have known Adam since we've been little, and I've seen everything he has done, experienced, flown, married, and crashed. Adam Baker is a guy that even alpha males can get a "guy crush" on - not because he's the best looking guy, but because he's a guy with BALLS. Because he is the guy who is not afraid to say what he thinks and be who he is. Even most of us self-proclaimed "alpha-males" are still living our lives for someone else - trying to be, buy, impress, whatever you call it.
I read his book, cover to cover. I begged him not to publish it, because I knew Sandie would come after him with her "assassins" and her other on-the-payroll "thugs" and "merchants of deception." Sandie was, and continues to be, a merciless and nefarious woman who knows no God other than the "God of money." No, that creepy woman with the facelift in the youtube videos that talks about being a great mother to her kids and this wonderful Grandmother? Hogwash. I've seen it. The woman detests kids, her own, and especially "other" people's kids.
Not only is the "loving mother" persona a sham, so is her entire past. Sandie hails directly from Nazi's who escaped the Nuremberg trials, and the Neaman's still pass around old family photo albums at family parties, proud of their "SS" heritage. The cold and soulless blood that ran through her forefathers veins certainly did not escape Sandie, no, she is very much a thriving, calculating individual with enough venom in her pinky finger to incapacitate the entire island of Manhattan.
Every decision in Sandie's life is a calculation of risk to reward. Each person in Sandie's life is there, not because they like her as a person, but because of what they hope to gain by being present in her ubiquitous "court." I've been at parties and seen people actually start shaking when they meet Sandie, as if they've just met Jesus or the President of the United states. What kind of an idiot would behold someone and put them on a pedestal simply because they have made a lot of money? Sadly, that is what we as Americans judge each other on and place most value, the accumulation of material things, not the actual true nature and deeds of the individual person.
This money, and the power it bestows on people, only seems to further enhance the true nature of who they are. If you were evil and soulless without money, once you get it, you will become even MORE evil and soulless. Such is the case with Sandie. I've seen Sandie wield her power on several occasions over everyone in her presence. The "carrot and the switch" is her method of operation, and if one does not do as one is told, they are severely punished, and cut off from her royal presence and her golden coffers.
On several occasions, I heard her mention the unfortunate "Ron" Gratzinger. She spoke of Ron like a boss speaks of an employee that they had to "fire" several years back, with disdain and a hint of smugness. The "Ron" story was brought up often as an attempt to scare everyone and "warn" them, in not so many words, that this fate could be theirs, too, if they didn't all mind their p's and q's. As I look back, she enjoyed telling this story because she wanted to let everyone know how powerful she was - that with nothing but a "phone call" and not even a "shred of evidence", she held enough power to get a man locked in prison for months.
Who is this poor guy Ron Gratzinger, anyway? Well, like many of the "blacklisted" ones in Sandie's life, he was an ex-lover who, at some point in the relationship, no longer served her or was needed. Sandie had met another man, and quickly replaced "Ron" with another fellow as the "flavor of the month". Poor Ron, by the time she got home from her trip where she'd met this new Adonis, his stuff was already packed and on the front porch of her massive home. As a consolation prize, she offered to keep him "on the payroll" helping out with some landscaping and mowing around the house. The poor guy stuck around for longer than one would expect a guy with any self-worth would, but, being a pilot, he knew he could make some money with that trade.
He convinced Sandie to let him fly an aircraft over to the Cayman Islands and start a charter business. She agreed, happy to have him "out of her hair" so to speak. Besides, she would profit too from such a venture. Leases were signed, agreements were in place - and off he went, to start his new business.
Like Sandie does with all those in her "kingdom", she can't stand to actually see a person not "need" her or be "successful" without her controlling it every step of the way. Hushed whispers of the people who were around say that Ron started making a decent living with the charter business, to which Sandie quickly decided, she MUST put an end to it. Ron disagreed, and demanded that she abide by the lease they had in place.
Sandie was furious. Around the first of December, she called the authorities in the Caymans and reported the plane "stolen". By this point, she already had one of her "thugs" on the way to pick up the plane. Within hours the plane was back in the United States, and when poor Ron showed up to the airport that morning to commence his charter - to his surprise, he was "quietly" escorted into custody and charged with theft.
As Sandie gleefully recounts the story, Ron spent the entire month of December in custody in a federal prison. He did not get to see his children or any of his family at Christmas, which delighted Sandie to no end. She was all to happy to swoop in to pay a visit to his kids and bestow hundreds of dollars in Christmas gifts to Ron's kids, all the while insisting she had "nothing" to do with his incarceration, and feigning concern for his plight, all while keeping a straight face!
Mysteriously, after the first of the year, the charges were dropped against "Ron" and Sandie issued him the stern warning, that she was NOT to be screwed with, or questioned, or talked about, EVER. If he ever recounted the story to anyone else, or came back against her or her money in any way, she would drum up the charges again and he'd be back in prison quicker than she could snap her fingers.
The RON story always stuck with me, in the pit of my stomach, like eating a bad meal at a greasy diner that just never seems to digest.
It bothered me to no end that someone could be that EVIL. And it bothered me even more that my best friend, Adam, had fallen prey to her little game. Who wouldn't? The guy was human. We all would fall for the bait.
Fast forward a few years is 2011. Sandie has stolen nearly eleven of the best years of his life. 7 in a relationship with her...four more trying to get away from her.
What is a guy to do? Not only did she do disgusting and horrifying things to his son, but she left Adam after the divorce with LESS than he had coming INTO the marriage. How can a guy who owns a landscaping company come out of a marriage to a "Billionaire" with LESS than he came in with? The guy gave up everything for Sandie, made her millions all by himself, and was chased out of Utah by her "thugs" and lawless and corrupt attorneys so that he could no longer make a "fool" of her by being seen in public with his "new wife" ...after all....Utah is a very small place.
When he tries to tell his story, again, his rights are simply "quashed" by her powerful and influential friends and the lovely sham of a company "NuSkin" that she founded. Please read the following article that has gone viral:

In the coming posts, I will attempt to get the original posts from Adam's "wordpress" blog back into circulation by reposting them in MY blog. Stay tuned.

Here is a copy of the lovely Japanese version of the book! It has sold over 5,000 copies in Japan and is going crazy over there!

Here is a copy of the English version:

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