Monday, November 7, 2011

The "HEWY" Story

I’ve been friends with Adam all my life, and I know he can get you in some pretty dicey situations. We’ve gone skydiving, raced motorcycles, raced pro trucks, flown helicopters and MIG trainers, zip lined in Costa Rica – you name it, we’ve done it.

Adam is a great guy with a big heart and only one flaw — he is TOO nice to people and TOO trusting and generous. This flaw is what got him trapped in the black widow’s web…let’s call her “Sandie.”

Being the simple and straightforward guy he was, Adam went through the entire relationship like he was in the front seat of a roller coaster that never came to a stop. He had no control of anything whatsoever, he was just there for the ride. The person controlling the roller coaster in the rusty cage down beneath was Sandie, of course. Everything was reward / punishment. Sandie often joked that training a “man” was a lot like training a “horse”. Reward them when they are good, and punish them quickly and severely when they make a mistake...or step out of line.

The black widow drew him into her web quick, and once he was tangled, he couldn’t get out. She wouldn’t let him out. Not without nailing his ass to the ground and sucking him dry. No one gets of a relationship with Sandie unscathed. No one.

This rule also applies to friends and acquaintances. Once their separation became “public”, friends quickly started taking sides, and anyone who chose Adam’s side (obviously the less lucrative of the two positions) would pay, and pay dearly.

One such friend, let’s call him “Hewy”, happened to be the recipient of a very generous gift from Adam: a brand new yellow convertible Corvette.

Every time Adam would drive the Corvette down to his airplane hangar, Hewy, Adam’s flight instructor, would remark on how much he liked the car. Eventually he asked if he could drive it, and he and Adam went tearing up the canyon on a joyride. Adam knew a guy like Hewy would love nothing more than to own a car like that.

One day Adam called me up and said “Hey, I need you to follow me down to my hangar.”

“Why?” I asked.

“I am giving Hewy my Corvette today, I need a ride back.”

Since I’d known Adam all his life, this was a completely normal occurrence and nothing out of the ordinary. He’d given us all extravagant gifts before – all expenses paid vacations, expensive watches, you name it.

This gift, however, would be a gift Hewy wished he would never have accepted.
A couple of months after Adam gave Hewy the Corvette, the divorce we called “war of the roses on steroids” was in FULL swing, and Sandie had mobilized her thugs all over town. Her favorite thugs, of course, were the slimy attorney’s from Cohne, Rappaport and Segal, and these guys were an entire team of tough-talking assholes who descended on all of Adam’s friends and family to threaten them all with baseless lies and mafia-style intimidation tactics.

Once the roaches at Cohne Rappaport (Dena Sarandos and David Dolowitz) got wind that poor Hewy held the title to Adam’s Corvette, they descended mercilessly upon Hewy (at work!) and demanded he give the car back to Sandie immediately.

Hewy stood his ground, and insisted that the car had been a gift from Adam, and that it was his to keep. Adam gave him the gift before the divorce was even filed….therefore, none of the nonsense that was going on mattered at all.

Standing his ground was the RIGHT thing to do….but it was a decision that would cost him TWO YEARS of his life fighting with SANDIE TILLOTSON, the BILLIONAIRE, in a court in Utah County, over an asset that was only worth $30,000! That had been a gift! That had belonged to Adam!

To put it in perspective, for the rest of us 99%, it would be the equivalent of spending two years in court fighting over a gift from the DOLLAR STORE

WHY? Why would someone like Sandie Tillotson waste her time and money fighting an honest, hardworking guy like Hewy for a GIFT he got? Did Sandie not have enough cars in her fleet, she had to go fight and harass a normal everyday guy in court for TWO YEARS and add all that stress to his life and his marriage, over something as meaningless as a Corvette?

Well that’s just it – Sandie Tillotson’s greed and megalomania and desire to hurt people knows no bounds. Sandie will do whatever it takes to ensure that what Sandie wants, Sandie will get, even if it means destroying other people and entire families in the process.