Monday, November 7, 2011

How I Went From Exotic Dancer to Trophy Husband - blog 4!!

Like a lot of guys, I was a scrawny little kid, and my sisters were always picking on me. And since there were five of them, that made growing up a bit difficult. I got tired of the abuse, and when I reached my teens, decided that to start lifting weights. I started out with those cheap concrete weights, the kind you buy at Kmart or Sears.  They were cheap, but they worked, and after a few months I started feeling really good about myself, and my sisters stopped picking on me. Working out with weights became a daily habit for me. The cheap-o concrete weights were replaced by better sets, and after a few years I was ready to move on to a gym. After all, there’s only so much you can do at home.
The place was called Lifestyles 2000, I think, and I was worked out there on a regular basis all through my teen years and even after I was married and we had kids. I became friends with another guy who trained there, and one day he said to me “Hey I think you’ve got a look that I think would sell. Would you be interested in a part time job?” Well that got my attention, because I had kids and I needed some part time income. My wife at the time wasn’t working, and I was working a couple of jobs to make ends meet, and it was pretty tough at times.
Now it turned out that this guy was an exotic dancer, although I didn’t know that until later. “You could make $200 to $300 an hour” he told me. That was serious money, and he really had my interest. I wondered what I had to do. He told me to meet me at this bar in Provo (Utah).
So I met him down there one night, and I find out that there’s about fifty girls in line waiting to get into this bar. He told me that all I had to do was jump around on the stage in my underwear, and I’d get $150 for the night plus whatever tips the girls gave me. Now it really wasn’t that big a deal for me, and I wasn’t afraid to get on stage, since I used to perform in the ice show with my sisters. Actually the jumping around seemed kind of silly, but the money was good. So I gave it a shot.
It was quite a rush the first couple of times, and the adrenaline was pumping. I’m trying to be masculine, but here I am in my underwear, with everybody in the bar looking at me and judging me, with this music blaring. It’s like one of those dreams were you’re walking around and everyone’s looking at you, and you realize you don’t have anything on.  Now I’d raced motorcycles, which is also a great adrenaline rush, and pretty scary as well. But I had to pay for that, and it wasn’t cheap. It probably cost about a thousand dollars for a weekend, for tires and fuel and parts and such.
 So now by dancing around in my underwear, I get the adrenaline rush, and I get paid for it. Well I thought that this was a pretty good deal, and I was making three or four hundred dollars a night at the club.
Soon I was doing private bachelorette parties for girls, and I was doing a couple of parties a night every weekend, and with tips I was pulling in about two grand a weekend. That was about what I made a month in my part time jobs. Now I made a lot of money doing this. So much that I did it for about eight years. And that’s where I met my next wife, Sandie Tillotson, the billionaire founder of NuSkin.